Behind the Lens...

It all began with ART.

Implements, pigments, passion and parchment were once essential tools for my unbridled imagination. As a child, I used to CREATE. As a reluctant adult, I no longer find myself worthy of the "ARTIST" title. A life of GROWING [organic farmer] and GOING [nomadic vagabond] has knowingly UN-TAUGHT me what society dedicated decades programing me to believe. I am changed. I readily confess that I now know very little about the BIG things which most beings consider pertinently important realities ...and even less about the rest of 'civilized' trivialities.

An Imperfectionist, I lean towards compassionate authenticity and irrational simplicity. I believe in the power of ONE. Hatched in the heart of evergreen Cascadia, I am rooted in and ever-drawn to the Great Outdoors and the immeasurable beauty of NATURE. Yet my eager wings have transformed me into an open-minded vagabond, blessed to have happened upon endless moments of wondrous humanity. I don't create images anymore--I merely capture them. I push a button on a photographic device which I do not fully understand how to use. It is but a tool [Photoshop, f-stops and aperture are languages which I don't pretend to comprehend]. To be fair, I do possess a few occasional talents...those of perception, connection, and composition. Still, generally speaking, I get "lucky" more often than I deserve.

I am inspired most by flawed faces; creative spaces; un-trod places; diverse species; and weathered surfaces with tactile textures. I am but a humble creature with a hungry lens which is bent on capturing frozen memorable moments. My hope is to share a visual CELEBRATION of LIFE with those trapped in reality.

Come with me, I implore you to explore!